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Return of the Living Dead 4 (2005)
Return of the Living Dead 4 (2005) A mad scientist (Peter Coyote in his worst role/performance ever) goes to Chernobyl to find some hidden containers which contain the reanimation gas that brings back the zombies. He's working on a project called Necropolis and it has to do with them making some type of super soldier out of the zombies.

The main guy character, who has this mad scientist as his uncle and legal guardian, finds out that his parents, who presumably died a year before, are subjects in the experiments.He discovers this out when he and a bunch of his friends break into the facility to rescue one of their friends, who is going to be experimented on.

Lines are liberally stolen from the very first movie such as a zombie calling on a radio 'Bring more security guards'. The zombies are easily dispatched with a shot to the head-which makes no sense, since the zombies in the previous three films still moved around if their heads were cut off. In fact, there's one scene where Coyote reanimates just a dead arm. This, by far, is one of the worst zombie movies to date-making RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD II not look so bad after all. This sequel is a HUGE disappointment and should have the title RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD: CRAP. I dread viewing the directors sequel, RLD: RAVE TO THE GRAVE...

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